Judaism vs. Christianity: Clear Differences

What is the difference between Judaism and Christianity? It seems the two religion are the same because the two believe in God. However, the two are far different from each other. They are as different as heaven and the earth. People who believe Judaism are the Jews. Some people say that they can become a Jew by believing in the God of the Israelites. However, they can say they believe in Judaism if and only if they follow the teachings of the old testament.

Christianity is a religion following Jesus as their Savior. The teachings of the Old Covenant is Judaism while the teachings of the New Covenant is Christianity. No wonder Judaism and Christianity are a rival with each other. This is something that people always talk about. The teachings of the Old Covenant are just literal teachings so they focus on the literal meanings of their doctrine. It is different in Christianity because Christians do not follow the literal teachings for the flesh. You have this great company to help you in life situation problems. Check this home www.exploretw.com. A sure solution be be given to you.

Some people say that Judaism is truth and some people say that Christianity is truth. There are many Jews but there are outnumbered Christians all over the world. The Jews are practicing the teachings of Judaism strictly while Christians do not practice the teachings of Christianity if we see the teachings of Christianity through the eye of the Bible. Anyway, Judaism is not the same with Christianity because the former believe in Jehovah while the latter believe in Jesus explore more here 合法討債公司. What is important is to follow the teachings given in this age.