Top Reasons why Jews Stick to Judaism

Here are the reasons why the Jews stick to their own tradition. The tradition of the Jews are related to their religious beliefs. In fact, many of their traditions are recorded in Torah. The Mosaic Law which is the standard of their daily living is observed to this very day. They have not withdraw their culture and tradition even after thousands of years. Why on earth do they stick to their tradition and why they are very sensitive when it comes to their beliefs?

6, 000 years ago, when people never realized the existence of God, they became proud for having a Supernatural Being who guided them. Because of this, 3,500 years ago, the God whom they believed in performed miracles for their forefathers and they passed their story from generation to generation. Also, God fought for them and that they believed that truly their God is the real God among the gods on this earth. In this way, they could not help but to love the traditions given by God to them. From this link you can have the source of the best dental care. You can navigate to these guys to learn more. This is simply one of the best dental clinic ever.

They fear their God. Actually, 3,500 years ago, God killed their forefathers just because they did not obey even a single word of their God. This is why they have to follow what their forefathers teach them because their forefathers taught them to remember what they have to do and how to respect their own tradition. They stick to their own tradition because they believed that their tradition is the real tradition on earth. They regard it as more important than their life.